Chinese Students studying abroad are still more stressed and facing more pressure


Dealing with Stress – Part 1



Chinese students face enormous pressure when studying for the gaokao and preparing to choose a university either in China or abroad. Hours and hours of studying, sleepless nights, stress from parents 😯 , teachers, and other students all amount to a very high pressure period in a Chinese student’s life. Assuming a student progresses pass the gao kao, they still must take the SAT for acceptance to an American college or another entrance exam to go a new country to study. Then there’s also writing essays, filling out applications, and nervously waiting for acceptance letters. After waiting and waiting, finally you hear back from one of the colleges you applied to and….you were ACCEPTED 🙂 !



Now comes the planning and preparation to move to a new country, new life, new culture, new language, and you have to leave your friends and family behind. You definitely feel excitement for this new opportunity, but also looming in the distance is new stresses and pressures you may have never faced before. I understand this situation, because I lived and worked in China for over a year. I wanted to share my experiences with living abroad and dealing with stresses and pressure that you will definitely experience – and how I managed to cope. The cool thing in our community is that we have a great support system which provides a solid foundation for knowledge, networks, and answers. This will greatly help you to minimize stress and pressure in an unfamiliar situation. I also want to discuss coping mechanisms that will help you relieve stress, reduce pressure, and provide a more enjoyable and pleasurable experience while abroad.


In Dealing with Stress – Part 2, we will explore a few immediate changes you can make to help you with dealing with too much stress. Stay tuned….


  1. Profile photo of Joanne Teacher
    Joanne Teacher 2 months ago

    Good article and series on the importance of coping with stress and pressure. It’s vital today to mitigate areas through various mechanisms do you can perform at your highest levels in school and work.

  2. Profile photo of Ping Pong
    Ping Pong 2 months ago

    Thanks for the great article. Looking forward to Part 2

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